Maths lab is the place where students satisfy their quarries practically. Activities are done which provides the student’s new ways to solve the rums and more over it also gives enjoyment to them.

School has well equipped science lab, where the students of vi to x class have regular periods of science practical.

Computer lab is well equipped with latest version of computers from the class 1st to 10th, students get computer education to compete with this global world.

Primary section of the school is well equipped with projectors to get education in a better way students are provided with visual inputs.

The school has a well stocked library. There are more than 3530 books here. School subscribes magazines, periodicals and news papers regularly, students of classes 1 to x have regular periods in library which improves their reading skills.

The school has the following facilities:

The institute has self – served canteen. Food served is in hygienic and clean condition.

School provides transport on all the routes nearby Gheera village school transport facility is there from Punahan.

School organizes annual health check up of all the students.