Principal Desk

Ms. Durgawati (Principal)

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure for me to be a part of reputed institution in Mewat region. Now a days, quality education is one of the most concerned matters for one and all in this fast changing scenario. It develops the mental abilities of Individual and growth of culture and morality. Not only this it aims to cultivate love, affection, fraternity and brotherhood in the society. Our aim is to make students think clearly, feel nobly and act rightly. We strive for the attainment of mental and moral perfection through knowledge.

The M.P.S. has a strong vision and vitality to educate children and enhance their moral values. In totality, we intend to present such opportunities to the children so as to become well groomed persons who are confident about themselves and their future.

Here, I assure the parent community that with a highly committed team of staff & administrative personnel. The school shall continue to blossom to its full glory in the years to come and serve the society.